Getting ready for the new normal - The road back to the office

The pandemic has not only changed the patterns of personal interactions - with increased sanitary measures, social distancing and the rise of digital communication - but also fundamentally altered the way we work. With the progressive loosening of protective government regulations, institutions and companies are preparing to their new normal.

We have taken precautionary measures designing the UNITY CENTRE complex to stop the spread of COVID-19. This is how we improve our buildings architecture to serve the safety issues:

Keeping social distance

For the safety of all our Tenants, we have prepared markings indicating the maintenance of a safe distance while moving around the Complex to help staying min. 2 meters away from each other.

No gathering in larger groups

Public areas have been designed to prevent gathering in larger groups. Appropriate arrangement of furniture and signage helps to disperse groups of people staying in the Building lobbies or in the UNITY Square.

Instructions and reminders

In order to support proper hand hygiene in our complex, directions on how to properly wash your hands for min. 30 sec are placed in all toilets. Humorous posters will surely make washing your hands more enjoyable.

Use of lifts max. 3 people

While maintaining a safe distance, restrictions on the number of people using the elevators have been implemented. Currently, up to 3 people can enter each of them. This allows us to keep distance and increase the sense of security even in a closed and not very large area.

Regular disinfection

All most frequently used places are disinfected on an ongoing basis by cleaning service. All used products are certified - destroy viruses, but are safe for people. In all high-traffic areas, we also use disposable cleaning cloths for disinfection.

Hand sanitizers

Available in common areas for all users. Hand hygiene is next to face covering the most important element of fighting viruses. Sanitising stations are available in common areas to make sure that every user of the Complex can effectively disinfect their hands and feel safe during their visit in UNITY CENTRE.

Cover face in common areas

In order to take maximum care of the health of our Tenants, it is obligatory to wear masks in common areas of the Complex i.e. Main Lobbies, lifts, parking garage. Correct wearing of a mask or other cover helps to avoid contracting not only COVID-19, but all viruses that are transmitted by airborne droplets. Masks for the forgetful will be available at the main reception desk in all buildings.

Couriers and suppliers

Taking care of the comfort and safety of our tenants, we have decided to reorganize the issues related to the delivery of letters, parcels and food in our Complex. All couriers and suppliers are admitted only to the reception area of ​​a given building and there they are asked to leave the package or wait for personal pickup. This solution helps to avoid transmitting viruses into the office building, which can also be present on clothes or objects.

Action plan for a safe office

We’re here to help. Do you need support preparing for a successful return to your physical offices? Our teams are here to help you pave the way by developing safe workplaces and facilitating the ‘next normal’ with tailor-made solutions.

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