Technical Specification of Unity Centre


  • 2 underground parking levels
  • 13m tall representative entrance hall in the Unity Tower
  • 24/7 reception and security
  • 24/7 access to the building
  • High-speed passenger lifts, 1 service lift
  • Flawlessly designed facades with stone and metal facing
  • Fire alarm system
  • Voice alarm system
  • Building management system
  • Partly openable windows, rendered in aluminium framing, with good acoustic and thermal insulation


  • Suspended ceilings with spot lighting and integrated lighting
  • 150mm raised system flooring
  • Room height up ranging from 270cm to 300cm
  • 3.5 kn/m² ceiling load capacity, with a possibility of reinforcement up to 5kn/m² in the archive of server room
  • Basic drywall partition walls mounted on frames with total partition wall thickness of 10cm
  • 90X200cm internal doors
  • Sunblinds integrated with windows
  • Efficient mechanical ventilation
  • Four-pipe cooling system integrated with the heating system (fan coil units)
  • Electric wiring and category 6 ICT terminal on premises
  • Fire alarm system
  • Voice alarm system
  • Sanitary premises


  • Concrete floors
  • Reinforced concrete or steel ceilings, without finish
  • Reinforced concrete or brick-and-stone walls, without finish
  • Cooling installation integrated with the heating installation
  • Mechanical ventilation installation
  • Electric and ITC installation
  • Sanitary installations