There are no birds within the Skeletor building


Control of the District Building Supervision Inspectorate and the police confirmed – on the Unity Centre site there are no protected species of birds!
In response to numerous questions arise both from the media as well as residents of Krakow who are confused with rumors about the possibility of suspension of work on the Unity Centre project, we would like to announce that we have all legally required documents – environmental approval and the building permit. The works are carried out without interruption, in accordance with the timeline established by the Investors.
We acknowledge, however, that today, around 11.15, on the construction site a checking took place. It was carried out by the District Building Supervision Inspectorate (PINB), accompanied by the Police. Control was commissioned by the Director PINB in Krakow because of press releases and inquiries to PINB regarding occurrence of nests of birds and their possible destruction in the course of work. Authorized PINB inspectors made an inspection of both the site and the building itself, to the extent that they considered necessary and sufficient. During the audit any irregularities did not show up.
We hope that this finally end any speculation and presumption in this case and will allow us to continue construction works in a good atmosphere on the key for Krakow and Małopolska investment project.