UNITY CENTRE sponsors The Dragon Wakes conference


UNITY CENTRE – sponsor of the conference The Dragon Wakes – the most important business event of the year attracting leaders of the outsourcing sector in Central and Eastern Europe.

6th edition of the conference organized by ASPIRE Association in ICE Krakow Congress Centre lasted two days (11-12.05.2016) and attracted nearly 3,000 participants, including the boards of the largest international corporations, world of science representatives, business analysts, investors, fund managers and the media.

The theme of the event was the correlation between man, modern technologies and strategy of cities whose synergy determines the creation of value in business. The participants sought answers to the question, what it is the creative city and how to effectively build the brand of Krakow in the international arena and which business services sector affects the economic development of the region and the people living in it.

Undoubtedly a model of Unity Centre – the most anticipated investment office Malopolska – was the highlight of the event. Guests also had the opportunity to talk with representatives of the agencies responsible for leasing of the project about possibilities of cooperation and details of the project.

As every year, Mayor of the City of Krakow, Malopolska Marshal and Governor of Malopolska took the patronage over the conference.

For more information please follow: http://thedragonwakes.aspire.org.pl/