Skeletor to Be Reborn as Unity Tower


For dozens of years it was the Skeletor, for a short while it was called TreiMorfa, while as of today on, it will be known as the Unity Tower! It is the highest time all the forces united to deal with the infamous past once and for all.

We know that in minds and memories of many a resident of Krakow it will forever be remembered as the Skeletor. We, however, have resolved to remove the dreadful spell marking its history and launch it into a new phase. An irrevocable decision to commence Skeletor’s revamping has been made to transform it into Krakow’s most modern and at the same time largest office compound bearing the name of the Unity Centre.
The name is not a coincidence. We have analysed more than a hundred various proposals, more or less adventurous, in Polish and in English … it was not an easy feat. Being aware of the emotions this structure evokes and bearing in mind Krakow residents’ sentiments, we finally decided to go for Unity. It is the name which is meant to unite all – both those who love this building and those who hate it. Together, we decided to create something outstanding, something great and impressive, something that neither Krakow nor its residents will ever have to be ashamed of. From today on, we want this building to divide no more, only to unite. Unity Centre is a new symbol of unity, community, and concord. We hope you will like this name and accept it with openness.